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Optical Metrology (Optimet) was founded in 1995 by Ophir Optronics Solutions, now part of Newport Corporation. Since then, the company develops and manufactures non-contact distance measurement sensors based on the patented conoscopic holography technology. This technology, which relies on a unique optical phenomenon, is advantageous over standard distance measurement methods for various industrial and dental applications.

Optimet’s line of products include both state-of-the-art scanning systems, used mostly for dental applications, as well as stand-alone sensors, that are typically integrated into production lines worldwide. These products are also used in many industrial and academic research laboratories. Optimet provides custom-made comprehensive metrology solutions for its clients: Optimet's highly experienced R&D, engineering, and manufacturing team use its expertise to provide cutting edge measurement solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. This is done by integrating advanced optomechanical design and manufacturing capabilities together with advanced signal processing and data analysis algorithms.

Optimet is ISO 9001:2008 approved and all of its products are RoHS compliant. All products are manufactured under strict quality procedures and standards.

Team and Infrastructure
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