Optimet's sensors are based on the unique and patented conoscopic holography technology. This unique technology provides the sensors with numerous major benefits when integrated in measurement devices.
Path of light inside Optimet sensor

Resolution & Reproducibility

Optimet sensors maintain high resolution and reproducibility over a wide working range. In most cases the resolution and reproducibility are better than 1/8000th of the working range.

Universality & Cost-Efficiency

Optimet sensors can measure objects ranging from sub-microns to half a meter, using a single sensor head with interchangeable lenses.

Versatility & Robustness

Optimet sensors are surface and material quasi-independent, measuring on variable surfaces ranging from highly reflective, partially translucid, diffusive to roughly textured surfaces with no need  for painting or resurfacing.

Bore Holes and Hard-to-Measure Geometries

The ConoPoint combines co-linearity with bending optics to measure deep, narrow slots, grooves and blind-holes. It can be used simultaneously through the same focusing lens of welding and cutting lasers.

Grazing Incidence Measurement

Optimet sensors measure angles very close to normal incidence ±85°. This unique capability permits the reproduction of difficult shapes with very high fidelity to the original model and without distorting the profile.

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