High Speed Tire & Rubber Inspection

Tire manufacturers need to inspect their tire grooves with its sharp angles and hard geometry. High quality tires are usually made out of black rubber which is more challenging to measure due to its low reflection signal. The problem becomes even more challenging when there are paint marks on the tire which are a different color, with a different back signal. The Optimet sensors provide both SNR parameter and also “Total”, which is the amount of light used by the detector on every surface. Both in R&D sections and on the manufacturing floor, engineers are using sensors to monitor the tire erosion, and to better understand the effects of sipes geometry on the tire’s performance.

The ConoPoint 20 is Optimet’s newest sensor in its point sensor series. It provides 20kHz scanning speed and has a more powerful laser source especially fit for tire measurement.

conopoint tire scan

Using this sensor with a 150mm lens allows the manufacturer to have a long stand-off, and a 20kHz scanning speed of the tire. Optimet’s Conoscopic Holography technology allows angle coverage of +/-85 deg, so it’s perfectly suited for tire grooves inspection. Based on the required measurement speed, the engineer can choose whether to use only one sensor or three sensors simultaneously in order to get a full tire cover or 3D measurement.
Conopoint 20 tires

Another fast scanning solution is to use a line sensor. Larger area coverage is possible in shorter time, and usually it can be done with fewer sensors. In our next blog we will discuss this option using the ConoLine-100.

What’s your measurement challenge? Let us know in the comments.
For more information: https://www.optimet.com/conopoint-20.php

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