Blue Ceramic Inspection  

Executive Summary

Optimet's MK10 with a 50mm focal lens was used in blue ceramic inspection. The tests were performed only to demonstrate measurement capability.  The results obtained were highly accurate.

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. Unique collinear technology
2. Capability to measure sharp angles in minimum clearance  
3. High lateral resolution.
4. High sampling rate with no need for averaging

2.Application Description

Scanning of a blue ceramic sample using MK10 with a 50 mm focal lens
Test settings:  
  • Measurement rate:  9 kHz
  • X‐step: 20 µm
  • Y‐step: 50 µm
  • Laser power level: 12
In order to analyze this surface, a Gaussian filter was applied.

3. Results and Observations

4. Data

Parameter Value
Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Diffusive
Working Range (mm) 6
Precision (µm) 5
Stand Off (mm) 44
Max. Data Rate (KHz) 9K
Lateral Resolution  20
Z Resolution  -
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Download Blue Ceramic Inspection file (pdf)