ConoLine-100 ConoLine-100

Non-contact laser line distance sensor

The ConoLine-100 is a non-contact optical line sensor for distance and 3D measurements based on the unique Conoscopic Holography technology.

The ConoLine-100 contains the new ConoPoint-20 sensor which has a measuring rate of up to 20,000 points per second, and a rotating mirror generating up to 100 lines per second.

The ConoLine-100 offers an adjustable line length of up to 18mm and down to micron precision. Controlling the mirror's position enables an angular coverage of ±110° allowing a clear view of undercuts, steep grooves and side walls.

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  • Adjustable line angles
  • Angular coverage of ±110°
  • External trigger input for measurements
  • Measuring rate of up to 20,000 Hz
  • Supports external and internal trigger operation mode
  • Communication to PC is accomplished via standard Ethernet
  • Easy software integration with DLL without additional drivers or setup
  • Auto-exposure mode enabling measurement of high and low reflective surfaces in real time without changing laser power

Angular Coverage


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