ConoPoint-10 3D measurement scanner

Distance and 3-D measurement sensor

The ConoPoint-10 is a faster, more advanced version of the ConoPoint-3 based on Conoscopic holography. The ConoPoint-10 is designed for distance, surgace contour, 2D profile, thickness and 3D measurements. The ConoPoint-10 is collinear and capable of object coverage ranging between 1 and 200 mm.

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  • High Precision - down to sub-micron precision.
  • Angular coverage - up to 170° wide angular range coverage in all directions.
  • Autoexposure this new feature controls camera exposure to give increased dynamic range. Objects containing both bright and dark features can be inspected automatically without the need for changing laser power
  • Collinear (co-axial) sensor - the laser beam is emitted and received in the same axis with no triangulation angle, allowing for measurement of holes, grooves and other deep concavities in a ratio of up to 1 (diameter) to 10 (depth).
  • Measurement speed robust measurement frequency of up to 9000Hz (3 times faster than the ConoPoint-3)
  • Optional interchangeable objective lenses easily replaced by the user, enabling various working ranges on the same sensor.
  • Customer variable lenses for up to 4 different lenses
  • Multiple sensor integration option - operation of several sensors simultaneously on one PC, using one hub, without any additional hardware.
  • Analog output (optional) – measured distance is output via an analog output, allowing for direct interface to a PLC or other customer hardware
  • Video camera accessory - option to work coaxially with the measurement axes.
  • Optical accessories - capability to work with periscopes, telescopes, and other relay optics.
  • OPS - Position Synchronization - a special firmware module embedded in the sensor's electronics which records encoders output and synchronizes the accurate position of up to 3 system axis together with the sensor measurements.
  • PSRB - semi-translucent material scanning - special calibration of the sensor for measurement on semi-transparent materials such as dental impression, wax and plastic materials.

The ConoPoint-10 is a highly versatile sensor, enabling measurement of small and large objects with one head using interchangeable lenses.

Co-linear technology, sharp angulated surface measurement capabilities (±85° from incidence), small laser spot size and fast scanning speed make the ConoPoint-10 an ideal replacement of standard contact mechanical probes. The ConoPoint-10 is suitable for a large variety of industries especially for in-process inspection, and for a wide range of materials, from very shiny surfaces to partially translucent objects. The new auto-exposure feature gives unsurpassed dynamic range by automatically changing the camera exposure time to match the signal received from the object under measurement.

The ConoPoint-10 is provided with a communication box connecting the sensor to the PC host via Ethernet 10/100 UDP. The communication box has an external trigger input enabling measurements to be triggered externally and a 3 axis position synchronization firmware (OPS) as described above.

The software development kit provided is compatible with Windows™ 7 and Windows™ 8.1 operating systems.
The SDK is used in LabVIEW 8.6 or later versions, support 32bit only.

The ConoPoint-10 withstands the most stringent electromagnetic and safety regulations imposed by the CE.


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