ConoPoint-11 Smart Distance measurement sensor

Laser distance sensor with Smart technology inside
30% Lower noise, double dynamic range of its predecessor

The ConoPoint-11 Smart is a new family of Optimet's Non-Contact Laser Displacement Sensor. The new smart technology contains a rich set of algorithms which makes integration easy and provides pass/fail results rather than a simple displacement value. The ConoPoint-11 Smart provides 10,000 points /sec, keeping all Optimet advantages. This new sensor family allows fast 2D profile measurement, analysis and feature evaluation. The build in Smart technology also provide a standalone sensor using Web based interface without the need of installing anything on customer host.

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ConoPoint-11 Smart DatasheetDownload specifications
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3 year warranty

  • Measurement of Complex Geometries & Steep angles with up to +/-85º angular coverage
  • Profile analysis using built-in feature library such as: distance, height, angle, radius, and many more
  • Go/NoGO output results
  • Web based, doesn’t require software installation
  • Built-in filters for smooth point array
  • Configurable encoder input and pulse to position conversion
  • Collinear technology for measuring blind holes
  • Automatically compensates for material variations using auto-exposure
  • Interchangeable objective lenses from 16 to 250 mm
  • Measures at 10000 points/second


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