ConoPoint-3R Non contact measurement point sensor

Distance, profile, thickness and 3D measurement sensor for transparent, specular and reflective surfaces.

The ConoPoint-3R is a non contact measurement point sensor for glass, transparent materials, wet coating surfaces, liquids and specular (mirror-like) surfaces. The ConoPoint-3R measurements reach a depth resolutions in the nanometer scale and lateral resolution below 1µm, all in high speed motion.

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The ConoPoint-3R is insensitive to fast motion and can measure during high speed motion of up to 300mm/sec, without any need for averaging. The ConoPoint-3R is a robust product designed for industrial environments and the production floor. The ConoPoint-3R features:
  • Distance, 2-D profile and 3-D measurement of reflective surfaces, including glass, liquids, mirrors and other specular surfaces.
  • Thickness of glass or transparent coating by simultaneous measurement of the reflection of both the top and the bottom surfaces.
  • Simultaneous measurement of coating thickness and profiling of both reflective (glass and wet coating) and diffusive (dry coating) surfaces.
  • True measurement rate of 3000Hz.
  • High precision and repeatability.
  • Down to 10µm layer thickness (profile) measurement with high accuracy.
  • Small spot size down to 1µm.
  • Position Synchronizer (OPS) with the system encoders or motion commands (up to 3 axis system).
  • Flexible working range and standoffs with objective lens replacement.
  • Optional integration with periscopes, telescopes, video camera and other relay optics enabled by the collinear principle of Optimet's technology.

The sensor is provided with an OEM software dll, hardware emulator and manual, for easy and efficient integration and usage. The sensor has a hub - capability to manage in parallel multiple sensors from a single host computer. This advanced feature includes automatic IP recognition, allocation and multiple data stream management software.

Profile and thickness measurement with the ConoPoint-3R mounted on a transversal arm:

Inspection of Dry Glass - comparison with competing technology
Glass (50mm/sec), Wet (50mm/sec ~ 300mm/sec)
Competing technology
Simultaneous thickness measurement of a 18.3µm transparent layer

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