ConoPoint – CNC for Mach4 Distance measurement sensor

Laser distance sensor scanning with your CNC using Artsoft Mach4

Optimet and Flexware Innovation partnered to develop a plugin for Mach4 CNC control software. The interface in Mach4 is clean looking, highly integrated, and capable of scanning in X/Y alongwith rotary scanning.

Create reproductions from your 3D carvings made from wood, stone, metal, wax and ceramic. The CP-CNC is a robust and high precision optical conoscopic holography sensor, for distance, surface contour, 2D profile, thickness and 3D measurements.

ConoPoint-CNC DatasheetDownload specifications
3 year warranty

  • Co-linear - technology that does not suffer from missing measurement points due to part geometry or shadowing.
  • Angular coverage - of up to 170º
  • Measurement speed - robust measurement frequency of up to 3000Hz.
  • Objectives - The sensor is offered in 3 different measurement ranges and 3 different lenses: 100mm, 150mm, and 250mm.


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