ConoProbe Scan of Key  

Executive Summary

Optimet's MK10 with a 25 mm lens was used in the application of key scanning. The main industrial application during the scanning is related to the scanning of the key's slots. Highly accurate results were obtained.

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. Unique collinear technology
2. Capability to measure sharp angles in minimum clearance  
3. High lateral resolution.
4. High sampling rate with no need for averaging

2.Application Description

Key scanning using Optimet's MK10 ConoProbe 25 mm lens.

Test settings:

  • Measurement rate: 9 kHz
  • X‐step: 20 µm
  • Y‐step: 40 µm
  • Laser power level: 63

  • Total and SNR filters were applied on the RAW data and after that it was export to Mountains Map software for analysis.  

    3. Results and Observations

    The key was placed so that only the slots were within the working range (fig.1).

    Note – scan was done in Y direction. Analysis

    Table 1 – Radius calculation
    Note (fig. 3) – The red line represents a mean profile.

    4. Data

    Parameter Value
    Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Diffusive
    Working Range (mm) 0.7
    Precision (µm) 1
    Stand Off (mm) 14
    Max. Data Rate (KHz) 200
    Lateral Resolution (µm) 4
    Z Resolution  -
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    Download Conoprobe Scan of Key file (pdf)