ConoScan 4000

Research & Inspection 3D Measurement Scanner

3D measurement scanner
The Conoscan 4000 3D measurement scanner is a 3 Axes, Cost Effective Scanner.
Due to its unique capabilities it is an excellent Metrology, Research and Inspection platform for a variety of applications.
The Conoscan 4000 scanner uses Optimet’s conoscopic holography sensors with interchangeable objective lenses from 100mm down to 25mm HD lens. The sophisticated scanning platform with three motorized axes (X, Y and height Z) is integrated with user friendly, robust scanner software.

The Conoscan 4000 system offers:
  • Measurement of a wide variety of materials and objects including shiny metal, plastic, black rubber, electronic boards and bonding.
  • Measurement of radiuses, diameters, angles, heights, holes and groove depths, radii, sphere radius, distances, full 3D CAD Compare and more.
  • A versatile platform to secure objects for scanning.
  • A Viewer software displaying the object profile or 3D image immediately following the scan, enabling precise measurement analysis and focusing on specific points.
  • Industrial Standard Software - TrueMap is used to visualize Optimet's sensors measurements results and for in-depth analysis of acquired data.
    TrueMap offers diverse analysis tools including filters, fitting, form removal, and many others as well as visualization options such as dynamic scales and profile sections all in live 3D graphic environment.
  • The ability to export data to many CAD/CAM, Surface Analysis and Reverse Engineering applications such as Digital Surf, TrueGage, Geomagic, RapidForm, PolyWorks, CopyCAD, Graphitech Copymate, Metracs and ArtCAM software.
  • One USB cable connection for easy linking to a PC or laptop.

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