DS6000 Dental Desktop Scanner

DS 6000

Dental Desktop Scanner

DS 6000 is a desktop optical scanner designed to meet the most challenging scanning requirements for dental laboratories, in particular screw retained implant Bridges and Bars. DS 6000 scanner has a 6 axis motion system, including a 3 axes motorized holder that automatically moves a model to different positions to achieve better scanning results. After scanning the entire object from different angles, the results are merged using mathematical processing of the cloud of points. The cloud of points is later translated into an STL for CAD design. Different holders have been specifically designed for robustness and easy handling by the dental technician. The scanner is equipped with a video camera for defining scanning regions and job recording. Electronics and algorithms have been optimized to provide faster and more accurate results.
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Scanning output
  • STL file - object surface
  • XML files- for accurate implant position data transfer used in CAD software design
Scanner sensor technology Conoscopic Holography
Single die accuracy 7 μm
3 units bridge accuracy (ISO 12836) 7 μm
14 units bridge accuracy 12 μm
Multi Implant bridge /bar 6 μm
Scanning time- 1 die 20 seconds
Scan Time 3 unit bridge 65 seconds
Effective object volume scan 80 Ø X 70 H mm
Undercut capture Complete -automatically
Laser safety (FDA) Class II ( <1mW) –eye safe
Conformity CE, ROHS
Power supply 24VDC, 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz

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