DSi 6000 Dental Impression Scanner

DSi 6000

Dental Impression Scanner

DSi 6000 is a desktop optical scanner designed to scan 3-D dental impressions. The scanner enables scanning of the entire contour of the scanned object using a steering line.
This is achieved by a mirror element, which directs the laser beam at various angles, ensuring accurate scanning of deep cavities. DSi 6000 scanner has 6 axes motion including 3 axes motorized holder that allows moving an object automatically to different positions, and therefore achieves better scanning results. For each scanning position and mirror a scan of the relevant surface is performed. After covering the entire object, the scan results are merged using mathematical processing of the cloud of points. In the scanning process, the impression trays are mounted on a dedicated holder, and captured by the tray handle to enable 360° max coverage with double sided jig. The scanner is equipped with a video camera for defining scanning regions. The DSi 6000 is integrated with exocad software.
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Scanning output
  • STL file - object surface shape
  • XML files that contain vectors information for implant positions, used in CAD software design
Scanner sensor technology Conoscopic Holography 9 Khz Sensor
Scanner motion 6 axes Synchronized XYW (W - mirror) with motorized holder (Elevation/Tilt/ Rotation)
Scanning volume (XYZ) 80mm x 80mm x 50 mm
Max coverage with double sided jig 360˚ (with dedicated jig)
Scannable materials Impression materials: Silicone, Polyethers, Alginates Gypsum all colors Others: Titanium, Peek, Wax, Vinyl silicon (gingiva model)
Scannable objects Impression
  • Full jaw impression, quadrant impression
  • Double side impression (triple tray – automatic occlusion registration)
  • Dies: Incisors/canine/molars
Scanning time Single die: Impression – 100 sec, cast – 45 sec,
Full jaw: Impression – 480 sec, cast - 240 sec
Scanner accuracy 12 μm (as measured on metrology jigs)
Preparation line precision on impression 15 μm
Output format STL
Dimensions LxHxW 408mm x 432mm x 367/451 mm
Weight (kg) 25
Conformity , Laser Safety (FDA) Class ll (<1mW) , IEC 60825-1:2007, eye safe, CE, ROHS ,WEEE
Power supply 24VC, 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
PC connection USB
Minimum computer requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32/64bit). Processor: Intel® i3/i5/i7 or higher RAM: 4GB or more, Disk Space: 100GB or more. Video Card: Desktop: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 530 GPU or higher, Notebook: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTM 520 GPU or higher

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