Electrode Scanning  

Executive Summary

Optimet's ConoProbe MK10 with a 50 mm focal lens was used in the application of electrode scanning. The tests were performed only to demonstrate measurement capability. Results obtained from the scanning were highly accurate.

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. Unique collinear technology

2. Capability to measure sharp angles in minimum clearance

3. High lateral resolution

4. High sampling rate with no need for averaging

2.Application Description

Electrode scanning using Optimet's ConoProbe MK10 with a 50 mm focal lens

3. Results and Observations

Note (fig.1) – SNR distribution was obtained after analyzing the data in MATLAB

Note (fig.2) – The angles between lines A‐A and B‐B represent the electrode walls angles. The wall's angle which is close to 90º is the reason for the low light reflection and for the low SNR. 

4. Data

Parameter Value
Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Reflective
Working Range (mm) 6
Precision (µm) 5
Stand Off (mm) 44
Max. Data Rate (KHz) 9KHz
Lateral Resolution  -
Z Resolution  -
Application Category  ‐ 

Download CMOS Plane Position Measurements Through Glass Window Cover file (pdf)