Electronics devices measurement  

Executive Summary

Optimet's ConoScan 4000 platform and Mk10HD Sensor with 25 mm and 50 mm lenses were used in the application of measurements in different electronic devices.

The main results of the application were:
  • Substrate surface condition – Std Dev./Rq. = 0.9-5 µm
  • Pad surface condition: Std Dev./Rq.= 1-2.3 µm
  • Detail height resolution: < 3 µm
  • Typical BGA height: 30 µm on small samples, 35 µm on large samples
  • BGA height variation with 1 µm resolution
  • Very good resolution in both Z (conoscopic measurements) and XY (scan axes)

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. High lateral and Conoscopic measurement resolution, which enables measuring very small devices

2. Uniform performance across both axes due to sensor's circular laser spot shape

2.Application Description

  • ConoScan 4000 platform
  • Sensor Mk10HD, 25 and 50 mm lenses
  • ConoScan 4000 scanner and viewer software
  • X and Y scan resolution: 6µm
  • No filters or averaging on raw data
  • Linear fit for flat surfaces
  • Circular fit for BGA's
  • Points on surface fitted geometrical item (line or circle) to analyze height and position

3. Results and Observations

3.1 Ceramic Large Sample with Filled Holes

Ceramic Large Sample Roughness and Waviness

Height and Surface Condition of Gold Pad

3.2 Ceramic Small Print with Filled Holes

Roughness of Pattern and Detail Height

Ceramic Small Print Roughness and Waviness

3.3 Metallic sample

Metallic Sample Roughness

Metallic Sample BGA Vertex Position and Pitch

Metallic Sample Twin BGA’s

3.4 Not Filled Brass Small Sample

Brass Small Sample Roughness

Small BGA Vertex Position and Pitch

Large BGA Height

3.5 Microelectronic Box mk10

Note- The scan (fig. 25) was made with the 50 mm lens
Height of PCB Relative to Package Box

4. Data

For 25mm and 50mm focal lenses:
Parameter Value
Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Diffusive/Reflective
Working Range (mm) 1.8/8
Precision (µm) 3/6
Stand Off (mm) 15/42
Max. Data Rate (KHz) 9KHz
Lateral Resolution  6
Z Resolution  -
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Download Electronics Devices Measurement Scan file (pdf)