Frequently Asked Questions

Technology & Advantages

   What is conoscopic holography?
   What are the main advantages of Optimet sensors?
   Main advantages of ConoPoint-3R over competitors:
   What are the co-linearity advantages over triangulation sensors?
   What is the difference between conoscopic sensors and triangulation sensors?
   Are there advantages of Conoscopic Holography over Confocal technology?

Product Configuration & Output

   How do I know which sensor and objective lens fits my purposes?
   What is “working range” and “stand-off” of a sensor?
   How do I choose the objective lens for the sensor?
   Are the objective lenses interchangeable on the same sensor?
   What is the output of the sensor?
   For how long is the calibration of the sensor or scanning systems valid?
   Do I need to calibrate the sensor periodically?


   Can I measure through a hole in an object and how narrow can the hole be?
   Can I use 2 or more sensors with one PC?
   Can I use Optimet sensors with lens objectives from my own system?
   Can I mount Optimet sensor on a production line system, including a moving gantry?
   How do I optimize the use of Optimet sensor in my system?
   How do I receive information on the integration of a sensor in my system?
   How do I receive support for my application?


   What is the precision of Optimet sensors?
   What is the best accuracy you can measure with an Optimet sensor?
   What is the accuracy of Optimet dental CAD/CAM Scanner?


   Can I measure thickness with your sensors?
   Which materials and objects can I measure with Optimet sensors and system?
   Can one sensor measure both diffusive and reflective surfaces?
   What is the difference between scanning a white surface to black surface?
   What is the minimum diameter and depth of inner tube that the periscope can enter for internal thread measurements?


   Which materials can be measured for surface inspection?
   Where can I find similar applications to mine and check if the Optimet sensor is suitable?
   How do I contact my local distributor?
   Where does Optimet have offices and support capabilities?
   Who should I contact to purchase Optimet’s Dental Scanner?
   Does Optimet offer custom solutions according to specific customer needs?
   Does Optimet develop additional products?
   Which standards are applied by Optimet