Inner Plug - Measurement Report  

Executive Summary

The inside area of a plug was scanned and analyzed to ascertain Optimet’s sensor technological capabilities for characterizing the shape, radius and curvature of round metal surfaces.
The request was to receive a high accuracy scan of the diffusive area in the inner side of the plug. The sample was scanned using a ConoPoint-10 with 50mm lens.
The region of interest is as shown:

As can be seen from the picture above using Truemap software, Conopoint-10 and 50mm lens from above gave great scanning results.


1. This report summarizes the scans and analysis done on inner plug metal shape.
2. The requirement was to scan the radius and the walls of the sample.
3. The sample was scanned and analyzed using Optimet’s Viewer program & Truemap software.
4. The scans were performed using a Conopoint-10 and 50mm lens on Optimet’s application scanner as depicted in figure 1.

Customer requirement

1. Measure the inner radius of the plug with 30um accuracy
2. Measure the angles of the side walls.

Test Set Up

1. The sample was held tight on the base of the Application system.
2. The scans were performed using a ConoPoint 10 and 50mm lens only.
3. The analysis was done in using Optimet’s viewer and Truemap programs.

Sensor parameters:
Type: ConoPoint-10
Lens: 50mm
Other elements: N/A

Main sensor specifications:
Lens type50mm
Measurement range (mm)8
Standoff (mm) 44
Accuracy (µm)6

Scanning parameters:
Lateral resolution [X*Y]: 24μm X 100μm𝜇𝑚
Scanning axis: X axis
Measurement frequency: 9000Hz𝐻𝑧
Laser power: 3200
Auto exposure: on

Scanner system: Application system

Measurement analysis

Inner radius scan:

Note: the Rq of the radius measured is 4.33μm

Inner angles of the walls:


As can you see the inner radius of the plug can easily be measured using ConoPont and 50mm lens.
As can be seen from the results the side walls can easilly obtain without the need to cahnge the sensor or object oriantation.

Main Conclusions

1. Optimet’s Conoscopic Holography technology is most suitable for this type of applications. In particular, having capabilities of measuring steep angles such as this object using only one sensor scanning from above.
2. Optimet's sensor is capable of measuring the contour shape and the side walls, indicating steep angle measurement capabilities.
3. The angle of the curvature reaches up to ±58°, Optimet's technology is the only technology in the market which reaches those steep angles enabling the scan of the whole contour with only one sensor without changing the sensors angle

Download Inner Plug file (pdf)