Label Authentication – Measurement Report  


  1. The report summarizes the scans and analysis done on a label for tractability and authentication purposes Optimet had received.
  2. The objective was to measure the height map of the design and show typical heights of the printed authentication design.
  3. The scans were performed using Optimet's ConoPoint10-HD with a 25mm lens on the laboratory Conoscan3000 scanner
    as depicted in figure 1.

Customer requirement

  1. To be able to measure the printed logo and confirm its authentication.

Test Set Up

  1. The sample was put on a flat stage and held down with two Johnson blocks for flatness.

Sensor parameters:
Main sensor specifications:

Lens type25mm
Measurement range (mm)0.6
Standoff (mm)14.25
Accuracy (µm)1.0

Scanning parameters:
  • Lateral resolution [X*Y]: 5X20 μm
  • Measurement frequency: 9000Hz
  • Laser power: 980
  • Auto exposure: on

Scanner system:
  • Laboratory Conoscan3000

Measurement analysis

Shown below is the color map of part of object. As can be seen, all features are easily recognizable and the nominal height can be measured. Some of the analysis was done using TrueMap SW (from TrueSurf) and the other was done using Optimet’s viewer program.

The following pictures show typical heights of the object in various areas. Not all sample features are the same height.


  1. Requirements:
    1. To be able to measure the printed logo and confirm its authentication – fully accomplished.
      The sample can be identified my confirming feature heght to correct nominal height.
  2. As seen in the pictures above Optimet’s sensors are fully capable of seeing and measuring even smallest height differences within the sample, and that way have an absolute identification of the scanned object.
  3. Suggestion for this application :
    1. ConoPoint-10HD with 25mm lens

Download Label Authentication – Measurement Report (pdf)