Optimet LabVIEW SDK provides a simple and powerful interface to interact with any of OPTIMET’s point sensors in LabVIEW environment. This package provides capabilities similar to Smart32 SDK and preserves the full command set from the Smart32 SDK APIs.

LabVIEW SDK contains:

  • Sensor Tester 2.0.3 - A fully functional demo application "Sensor Tester" including code, executable and LabVIEW runtime installer
  • SDK – Full API implementation including embedded documentation and sample code

LabVIEW SDK 2.0.3 32Bit
LabVIEW SDK 2.0.3 64Bit

For installing the SDK copy the directory 'Optimet Sensor' to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW XXX\instr.lib' (where XXX is your LabVIEW version).
After restarting LabVIEW the developer can see the SDK in the LabVIEW palette.

Optimet LabVIEW Probe Tester Demo Application

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