LED Module with Resin  

Executive Summary

Optimet's NanoConoProbe with a 25mm focal lens was used to measure an LED module with resin. The main goal of the measurement was to scan along the center of the device at high speed and evaluate physical parameters of the lens. Measurements for this application could be set up at a sampling rate of up to 9 kHz using NanoConoProbe. Measurement steps used in this application were 10µm wide. The only post‐processing performed was setting the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) threshold.    No other filtration or mathematical process (such as averaging) were performed.    Optimet's sensor technology allowed measuring and detecting any required physical parameter in the LED module with its lens (resin):
  • Lens contour
  • Lens radius and shape
  • Lens top surface roughness

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. High sampling rate of up to 9 kHz with no need for averaging (200 Hz is the industry norm)  

2. Capacity to measure the entire contour of the lens

2.Application Description

Scanning along the center of the LED in order to measure and detect required physical parameters in the LED module with its lens (resin).

2.1 Method

The sensor used was NanoConoProbe SN# 21317 with a 25mm lens (fig.1). The scans were made along X (narrow dimension‐fig.2) and along Y (wide dimension‐fig.3) of the device.  Full coverage of the lens in both scanning directions was done at speed of up to 9 KHz.

3. Results and Observations

From the 3D measurements of the LED sample with the lens it can be seen that the sensor is capable of contour following of most of the lens area in particular along the center.

Note: The NanoConoProbe measures the entire contour of the resin lens; limitation is only due to the speed of the mechanical scanner being used.


4. Data

Parameter Value
Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Diffusive
Working Range (mm) 1.8
Precision (µm) 3
Stand Off (mm) 15
Max. Data Rate (KHz) 9
Lateral Resolution  10
Z Resolution  -
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Download Led Module With Resin file (pdf)