LED Module without Resin  

Executive Summary

Optimet's Conoline MK2 f25 (PTE) was used to measure an LED module without resin. The main application of this measurement relates to LED array angles. Measurements of the LED were made on the overall structure at steep angles, with a sensor sampling rate of 75 fps, a 10x8 um2 spot resolution, and 48k points per second (with no averaging). The optimum sensor type for this application is the one mentioned above yielding a working range of 2mm well above the device internal height dimensions. Optimet's sensor technology can measure, detect and inspect all required physical parameters of the LED module: sequence in wire soldering line, overall dimensions, wire bonds and contours at various positions, emission area height and wire height at any point.

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. Capability to measure at steep angles, allowing measurements of all required physical parameter in the LED module 

2. High sampling rate with no need for averaging

2.Application Description

Sensor properties:
  • Conoline 2 f25mm
  • 75 fps
  • WR 2 mm
  • Line length 5.4 mm
  • Y Resolution 8 um
  • X Resolution 10 um
Calibration Results (fig.1)
  • Resolution 2300
  • Std 0.8 um

2.1 LED Characteristics and Features  

The 3D measurements on the LED array without its lens were done by Optimet's Line Scanner – Conoline MK2 f25 (fig.2). Wires and contact points were clearly detected and could be properly inspected.

3. Results and Observations

LED Sample Image and Scan

  • We performed 3D scans of LED samples without resin.
  • From the results (fig.2‐12 and tables 1‐8) it is clear that
    Optimet's sensor technology enables measurement of the required physical parameters in the LED module:
    • Sequence in Wire soldering line (fig.4)
    • Sequence in Wire soldering line (fig.4)
    • Overall dimensions (fig. 5‐6 and tables 1‐2)
    • Wire bond height and contour at various position (fig. 7‐8 and tables 3‐4)
    • Square shape emission area height above base plane (fig. 9‐10 and tables 5‐6)
    • Wire height with respect to base plane at any point (fig. 11‐12 and tables 7‐8)
  • Measurements of module overall structure at steep angles were reached successfully.
  • Sensor sampling rate at 75 fps, 10x8 um2 spot resolution, 48k point/sec. with no averaging
  • The optimum sensor type for this application is Optimet's Conoline MK2 f25 lens yielding a working range of 2mm well above the device internal height dimensions

4. Data

Parameter Value
Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Diffusive
Working Range (mm) 2
Precision (µm) 5
Stand Off (mm) 13
Max. Data Rate (KHz) 75fps
Line lenght (mm)  5.4
Lateral Resolution  8*10
Z Resolution  -
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