Metallic Specimen Scanning  

Executive Summary

Optimet’s ConoProbe MK10 with 25mm and 50mm lenses was used to scan small metallic specimens. The main industrial application is related to scanning the specimen’s surface and discovering defects. All of the objects were measured with high accuracy and we were able to discover defects on the specimen’s surface.

1. Optimet's Advantages over Other Technologies:

1. Unique collinear technology

2. Capability to measure sharp angles in minimum clearance  
* Both advantage allow the ConoProbe to provide very accurate information about the samples and their defects.
3. Most suitable for roughness measurements

4. High sampling rate

5. High lateral resolution

2.Application Description

Two samples (sphere and seed) were measured with the ConoProbe MK10 with 25mm and 50mm focal lenses.

3. Results and Observations

Sample 1 – Sphere

Sample 2 ‐ Seed

Sphere Scanning

Seed Scanning

4. Data

For 25mm and 50mm focal lenses:
Parameter Value
Reflective/Diffusive/Transparent/Translucent Diffusive
Working Range (mm) 1.8/8
Precision (µm) 3/6
Stand Off (mm) 15/35
Max. Data Rate (KHz) 9KHz
Lateral Resolution  -
Z Resolution  -
Application Category -

Download Metallic Specimen Scan file (pdf)