Periscope ConoPoint-10 with Periscope

Accessory for hole measurement

The periscope is a unique accessory developed by Optimet which overcomes some basic limitations when measuring diameters, steep angles and inner structures of holes and pipes. The periscope is integrated with a regular 75mm lens and enables measuring perpendicularly to the sensor's standard direction. It has all advantages and accuracies of the ConoPoint with the add-ons of measuring areas impossible to reach otherwise.

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  • Inspection at 90° related to a standard sensor direction
  • Available with 75mm lens, other lenses can be customized upon request
  • The periscope can be rotated 180° by user to reach desirable measuring direction
  • All of the advantages and features as a regular ConoPoint sensor
  • Angular coverage of 150°
  • Telescopic joint design prevents tip damage in axial direction

Periscope enables measuring perpendicularly


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