Pill break topography  

Summary results:

Optimet ConoPoint-10 is the only sensor in the field that scan this application fast and accurate, due to the high angular coverage we can scan inside the holes of the topography where other technologies fails, it is also done with 10,000 points/sec so the scanning is very fast.


We scanned a medical pill (tablet) surface topography of a pill broken in half. as seen in picture 1.

Test Setup

Sensor parameters:
Type: ConoPoint-10
Lens: 25mm
Other elements: No

Main sensor specifications:
Lens type25mm
Measurement range (mm)1.8
Standoff (mm)18
Accuracy (μm)3

Application Group

Scanning parameters:
Lateral resolution [X*Y]: 10μm X 20μm𝜇𝑚
Scanning axis: X axis
Measurement frequency: 3000Hz
Laser power: Max
Auto exposure: on

Scanner system: Application Conoscan3000

Main Conclusions

1. Optimet ConoPoint-10 sensor with 25mm lens is capable of measuring the surface topography 2. The results indicated a high Signal to Noise Ratio, above 80, implying high accuracy of measurements.

Test Results

The scan was done using Optimet CP-10 with 25mm lens on the ConoScan3000 system. The following images show the topography very clearly, and all requested calculation can be done using the measured data.

Application Group

The big cavity can be seen and measured:

Download Pill Break Topography file (pdf)