The Viewer software is a user friendly built-in profile analysis software provided with Optimet's products. The Viewer allows digital visualization of the scan and enables performance of metrological analysis.

It is possible to export the scan data to other software programs for further analysis or CNC manufacturing.

The Viewer software provides:
  • Data of slopes and angles between line segments - the Viewer provides measurement data of the angle between line segments.
  • Data of distance between segments - the Viewer provides measurement data of the distance between the different sections of a profile, including vertical, horizontal, and absolute distance
  • Data of circular radius - the Viewer defines and measures the circular radius of a scanned area.
  • Roughness analysis - the Viewer enables characterization of a surface roughness.
  • Finds a sphere center - the Viewer finds the x-y-z location of a sphere center.
  • Filtering - the Viewer enables increasing accuracy by smoothing out or eliminating bad points in a profile scan.
  • Compares measurement profiles - the Viewer compares two profiles.
  • Circle fitting and analysis - the Viewer provides data on the radial distance between any point in a profile and a circular segment in a profile.
  • Linearity and circularity analysis - the Viewer provides info on the linearity or circularity of a given profile.
  • Effective radius - the Viewer enables calculation of the effective radius based on an area bound by a profile and two tangent lines
  • Automation and Macros - the Viewer enables automated repetitive profile analysis procedures in macro

Profile and 3-D measurements performed with the ConoScan 3000

Distance measurement between 2 line segments

Profile and 3-D measurements performed on the ConoScan 4000

Circular radius Measurement

Medallion with detail and section

Mechanical part with geometrical analysis data

LabView platform support is now available.

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